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Sylius Plugins

You can see all plugins in action in our Sylius Demo application.
Admin: with odiseo:odiseo credentials.

Premium Plugins

Odiseo Sylius Report Plus Plugin

Sylius Report PLUS Plugin

This Sylius plugin is an upgrade of our Sylius Report Plugin. This upgrade contains: UI/UX improvements, new reports, new exports options and more!

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Free Plugins

Odiseo Sylius Report Plugin

Sylius Report Plugin

This plugin add a report interface to the Sylius administration. Some reports comes with this plugin but you can create your custom reports extending some interfaces and services.

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Odiseo Sylius Vendor Plugin

Sylius Vendor Plugin

This plugin add vendors/brands model to the Sylius products.

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Odiseo Sylius Blog Plugin

Sylius Blog Plugin

This plugin add blog capabilities to your Sylius project.

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Odiseo Sylius Mailchimp Plugin

Sylius Mailchimp Plugin

This Sylius plugin add Mailchimp ecommerce features like: Abandoned cart recovery, first purchase email and more.

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Odiseo Sylius Banner Plugin

Sylius Banner Plugin

This plugin add a banner model to your Sylius project.

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Odiseo Sylius Geo Plugin

Sylius Geo Plugin

This plugin add Geolocation features to your Sylius project.

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Symfony Bundles

Odiseo Symfony Blog Bundle

Symfony Blog Bundle

This Bundle add blog capabilities to your Symfony project. It's admin agnostic, so you need to integrate on your preferred admin system.

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